Elementary STEAM Teachers Put on Inaugural Glow Week

For the first time ever, the elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) teachers put on Glow Week for all six elementary schools. The event was powered by the Northville Educational Foundation and Zap Zone.
Show Transcript
"Glow Week was an idea the STEAM teachers had and were debating about how we could pull it off but we really wanted to do something that would turn into an annual tradition. Around Halloween seemed like a good time to do something fun for the kids because it's already a fun and crazy time of the year. So we just brainstormed some different ideas and did some research and found some cool activities that we could do at school," explained Kim Chenoweth, STEAM Teacher, Amerman Elementary School.
"Glow Week is happening in the Makerspace and it's where we got to play all these fun games and everything is like glowy and black light and if you wear like neon colors or white your clothes might glow. You'll get some cool gifts from Zap Zone," said Ward, a third grader at Amerman.
Chenoweth went on to explain how the event was made possible, "So when we came up with the idea for glow week we knew it would entail a lot up front with purchasing black lights and blackout curtains and materials and supplies so we applied for the NEF grant and we're so excited to be awarded the grant to start this tradition and partner with them to make sure this was a really fun experience for every single elementary school kid in Northville, from kindergarten through fifth grade. That was really awesome and great to get their support and then we also reached out to Zap Zone who heard about this and they thought it was awesome as well so they were able to donate actually lanyards for every single kid in Northville and ZZ their robot mascot actually has made an appearance at all the elementary schools to say hi to the kids too so that's been a really fun experience."
"Some of the fun activities that you could do is bowling, tic tac toe and cups stacking and drawing and when you do that you get to like learn things about like how to like things glow and how things glow," said Jackson, a 5th grader at Moraine.
"Glow Week has been so much fun, just opening the door and watching the kids reactions when they walk in, to watching themselves see how much they glow in the dark and then just having a fun day to play with their friends and just enjoy what a cool atmosphere, cool environment with all sorts of fun things. The cup stacking has been a huge hit, the kids are loving coloring with highlighters and seeing it glow in the dark with a black light. So it's just been a really fun way to connect a little bit of Science and a little bit of fun and play in the STEAM program, so it's been awesome," explained Chenoweth.
Glow Week continues until October 31st.