Cooke School PTA Welcomes You!

President: Beisan Hussein (Parent)
Past President: Mandee Ordaz (Parent)
Vice President: Nikki Moore (Parent)
Secretary: Katrina Perryman (Parent)
Fundraising: Justyna Goetz (Para Educator)
Budget/Finance: Danielle Richards (Teacher)
Treasurer: Anthony Galli (Parent)
Teacher Liaison: Vikki Jouney (Teacher)
To contact us email us at [email protected]
September 19- PTA Meeting
September 26- Cooke Gear Spirit Day / Open House
October 13- Pink Out Spirit Day
October 17-PTA Meeting
November 14- PTA Meeting
November 16- Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness Month
December 22- Ugly Sweater Spirit Day
January 16- PTA Meeting
January 22- Pajama Spirit Day
February 14- Valentines Spirit Day
March 5- PTA Meeting
March 15- Green Spirit Day
April 9- PTA Meeting
April 12- Disability Awareness Spirit Day(Wear Blue)
April 27- Walk and Roll
April 30- PTA Meeting
May 6- 10- Teacher Appreciation Week
May 8- Teacher Appreciation Lunch
May 17- Family Picnic
June 4- PTA Meeting
June 7- Beach Spirit Day