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Assistant Principal's Welcome

Assistant Supervisor's  Welcome
Welcome, Cooke students and families, to the 2020-2021 School Year! 
It is an honor to be part of the Cooke School community and I am proud to serve as the new Assistant Supervisor. I had the opportunity to work alongside Jennifer Bugar and Christine Jeter this summer, which provided me the luxury of learning from the best as I transitioned to Cooke School. Over the course of my time here thus far, it has been evident that the Cooke staff care deeply for their students and families.
I am coming to Northville Public Schools from a large school district in Illinois, where I was a district Administrator leading two departments in the Student Services sector. Prior to becoming an Administrator in the field of Special Education, I served as a School Social Worker and Psychiatric Inpatient Clinical Therapist. I have always believed that it is of primary importance to understand the whole child, as this is pivotal in developing student-centered learning experiences. Student-centered learning includes what is most meaningful to a child through their lens of the world. Additionally, partnering with parents/guardians and caretakers is a critical element in a child's education, and I hold high value in my relationships with families. Because children's experiences are not all exactly alike, we at Cooke are dedicated to leading teams and supporting staff in fostering the individual growth and development for each of our students.  
The programming at Cooke provides individualized services for students who have qualified for Special Education Services. A component to Cooke School that I find particularly valuable is that we serve students from twelve surrounding districts in western Wayne County, affording the opportunity to function as a center-based program and partner with many schools and programs. Services here embody evidence-based best practices tailored to the individual needs of each child by maximizing a student's capacity through meaningful and intentional programming. Cooke School encompasses all that I value in education: a passionate and dedicated staff, student prosperity, and an engaging environment of learners and families working together to provide exceptional opportunities for all students. 
I look forward to learning and growing with you in this outstanding school community!
Erin Barney